Students who train at Chea's Martial Arts have the opportunity to qualify for the membership on the PEAK PERFORMANCE NATIONAL TEAM. 
While athletes of all ages and belt ranks are eligible to participate, a serious commitment to the sport is mandatory.  The program offers two levels of participation.
All athletes enter the program by participating in group practice sessions. The structured program is taught by Coach Tom Chea and incorporates physical training, technical instruction and supervised sparring.  After a minimum of three months of training at Level I, the athlete is eligible to become a member of the Peak Performance National Team.  Membership on the team is by invitation only.  A position must be earned; standards for selection are high.  The athlete must display exceptional dedication, skill, physical fitness and team spirit over an extended period of time.  Performance at regional and national sparring competitions will also be taken into consideration during the selection process.

Our program also offers plyometric strength and conditioning programs;  through the use of functional exercises, our experienced exercise professionals use a result-oriented program to enhance athletes' sports performance. 
This program is committed to developing well conditioned athletes, making them less likely to suffer injury and helping them become the best they can be.  The innovative training enhances balance, flexibility agility, coordination, explosiveness, speed and timing for the taekwondo athletes.  During this part of the program, athletes will improve their first step quickness, vertical leap, body control and overall speed and technical skills. Drills are designed to enhance the body’s ability to move in all directions quickly while maintaining control. This type of quality sports performance is what separates the “Stars” from the average player.  

So whether your aspirations are to become states, national or international caliber competitor we will help each student reach his or her goals to their maximum potentials.  The team can be seen competing at tournaments all around the Northeast area and most part of the united states all year round. 
For the more serious athletes there are national championship, International championship, Jr. Olympic and national collegiate championships.  So far the program has produced numerous nationals and internationals champions.

  Peak Performance Training is a special program designed for students who want to become the best they can be at competing in Olympic taekwondo competition.  Elite athletes from around the United States traveled to one of peak performance Olympic development center for superior training conditions.
Peak Performance Team is Lead by Coach Juan Miguel Moreno, a Three time US Olympian, two times Olympic silver medalist and the 2012 London Olympic Game Coach for Team USA.  Coach Tom Chea was chosen by coach Moreno as one of 8 regional coaches for the Peak Performance National Team.  Coach Scott Snow and Coach Timothy Tocco were chosen by coach Tom Chea as the assistant coaches for the Northeast regional team.

The primary objective is to develop Junior, Collegiate, and National Team members with the ultimate goal of making the USA Olympic Team.
The benefits of being a team member are:  
- Three weekend trainings a year with Head Coach Juan Moreno
- Two camps a year only for Peak Performance Team members.
- Ability to train with National foreign teams when appropriate.
- Ability to train with 8 regional Peak Performance Teams.
- Dartfish sport technology will be available to all athletes.
- A Monthly e-mail training tips from Coach Juan Moreno.

More importantly, Coach Chea teaches proper technique and ring management, allowing athletes to omit and correct errors by personal video analyzing so that they are able to quickly and easily master the movements and understanding of the game.